Call the Cable Guy: Wireless just won’t cut it

The Register published a nice explanation of why offices still require cabled network connections.  I think it’s readable by those without a lot of technical knowledge. Check it out here: When a client is looking at a major change to their office space such as an expansion or a move the issue about network […]

FAQ: Veeam Cloud Connect – Offsite Backup for VMs

If you haven’t heard about Veeam Backup and Replication then you should definately check it out.  Veeam B&R backs up virtual machines and provides useful restore tasks such as recovering individual Exchange objects (such as email, contacts, calendar events), Sharepoint files for a document library, as well as full VMs.  About a month after we […]

Managed servers – Maintain an offsite DFS

Distributed File System – another great application for a virtual private server DFS is remarkable technology that distributes files and folders over multiple replica servers.  File servers that are part of a DFS replication group will maintain their own copy of every file including permissions, ownership, and modified times.  Whenever a file is added or […]