Do I really need SSL?

Absolutely. SSL ensures authenticity SSL sites are locked to domain names and so verify the ownership of the website.  Without SSL, it would be trivial to make a website that pretends to be your site. Data Integrity Traffic between the web server and the browser is protected from tampering. Encryption Encryption means that the traffic […]

Call the Cable Guy: Wireless just won’t cut it

The Register published a nice explanation of why offices still require cabled network connections.  I think it’s readable by those without a lot of technical knowledge. Check it out here: When a client is looking at a major change to their office space such as an expansion or a move the issue about network […]

FAQ: Veeam Cloud Connect – Offsite Backup for VMs

If you haven’t heard about Veeam Backup and Replication then you should definately check it out.  Veeam B&R backs up virtual machines and provides useful restore tasks such as recovering individual Exchange objects (such as email, contacts, calendar events), Sharepoint files for a document library, as well as full VMs.  About a month after we […]

More ransomware?

Crypto was just the beginning.  We’re seeing a recent resurgence in ransomware.  Ransomware will encrypt files and demand payment in order to provide the key to decrypt them.  The latest iterations browse for network shares and encrypt a wider range of files.  The encryption strength is quite strong and breaking it isn’t an option with […]

The 3-2-1 Rule of Backups

At least 3 copies stored on 2 different media with at least 1 copy stored offsite 3 copies: Because there’s Murphy’s Law.  Because when you have that sinking feeling accompanying that accidental erase, the last thing you need is to find that your backup is corrupt.  Because backup archives can be complicated and their validation […]