Do I really need SSL?


SSL ensures authenticity

SSL sites are locked to domain names and so verify the ownership of the website.  Without SSL, it would be trivial to make a website that pretends to be your site.

Data Integrity

Traffic between the web server and the browser is protected from tampering.


Encryption means that the traffic is private and can not be read by anyone while it is in transit.  You’ve probably heard of man in the middle (MITM) attacks – SSL is an easy way to help protect from that.


It has been almost three years since Google put out a call for HTTPS everywhere.  Love them or hate them, Google has the vast majority of the search engine market share and Chrome is the number one desktop browser.  Google Chrome strongly encourages SSL with their latest version showing whether or not a site is secure.  Many believe it is only a matter of time before Google lowers the search ranking of http only websites.  Personally, I agree with their stance – insecure should not be the default.  It is preferable to show all sites as either secure or insecure instead of relying on just the little green lock for secure sites.

At Radish Networks, we are similarly encouraging all of our webhosting customers to use SSL.  We’re even offering SSL protection via Lets Encrypt for no additional cost.

SSL adds significant protection to your website and with our free SSL there is no compelling reason to put it off any more.