New network, new firewall, oh my!

We’ve been busy updating our infrastructure for the typically busy third quarter of the year.  We are making substantial improvements in security, networking, and virtual machine storage.

New firewalls

Our largest purchase this summer has been on a pair of new next-generation firewalls.  Adding these new firewalls has increased our awareness of our network traffic and we’ve been busy re-arranging networks to maximize security.   They’re arranged in an active/passive failover group to ensure high availability and provide in-line antivirus and vulnerability filtering.  We’re quite pleased with them and soon all hosted services will be migrated over.  There will be no additional charge for our hosting customers.

Additional IP space

IPv4 doesn’t have much left and we were fortunate to arrange an additional block of IPv4 space.  We should have enough to cover our ever-increasing needs for at least two years at which point we can hopefully switch to IPv6.  Our equipment is all IPv6 compatible, we’re just waiting for our client base to all be IPv6 capable.

SAN upgrades

We should be completing our tier-2 storage upgrades within the week.  We’ve doubled our storage capacity in this pool and will be completing the move to 10GE.

Storage upgrades

We’ve almost completely updated our direct attached storage nodes from 2/3TB to 4/6TB drives.  (WD/HGST for the win!)  We should be completing our switch to low power CPUs before September.  These nodes are used mainly for our offsite backup service.

That’s it for now.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the services we provide.