Managed storage for SMB

Looking for a fully managed storage solution for your home or small office?  Our Managed Storage for SMB solution provides a managed network storage appliance that is protected with Saskatoon’s premier offsite backup service.

  1. We provide a configured network attached storage device which will run on your network.  The device is provided on a rental basis.
  2. Your computers are configured to use the storage appliance
  3. We monitor and manage the device remotely, making changes as requested.

How much?

For most organizations, this service will cost $50 per month.

What do mean by managed?

Managed by Radish Networks means that we administer the device for you.  We ensure it is completing nightly backups.  We work with you to define security policies and maintain them.  We monitor the device for failed components and replace them at no extra charge.

Can I work on my files remotely?

Remote access is very important to today’s mobile workforce.  All of our managed storage appliances allow for remote access so you can access the data you need from anywhere with an internet connection.

Why is this a rental model?

We wanted to offer this as a fixed-cost service but the appliances we purchase for this service are fairly high-end for the SMB market.  For this reason, we either want the appliance returned or purchased outright when you discontinue.

What happens to my data if I want to discontinue service?

Your data is your’s.  We will work with you to ensure that you have your data when you discontinue and will remove our copies gained through offsite backup.

Can’t I just buy my own appliance?

We can support a wide range of network appliances with our offsite backup service.  Some customers prefer owning their own devices but we have a high standard of care to maintain and we need to ensure your device supports our requirements.  In short, we can probably work with your device but some caveats may apply and the billing amount would have to be negotiated.

What are the features of your appliances?

Redundant drives, security auditing and updates, specialized hard drives, excellent reporting, remote access, gigabit interfaces, custom routing, and more.